Monday, July 14, 2008

Moving Along

Hello all. It looks like I'll be getting a new HDD and moving on soon enough. So all of you patient enough to wait for the movie will surely be rewarded before you know it. I hope to actually have traffic on this blog soon enough when the movies are uploaded.

Since our first release is 13 minutes long, it will be released in a few segments to allow for everyone to watch them without having to wait forever for it to load on slow internet connections and, perhaps more importantly, because of file size limitations! Ha!

So for now I hope you all keep thinking HSP, HSP, HSP, Sacrilicious...

Have refresher course in Pastafarianism on Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia, bearing in mind Uncyclopedia's goal is to be satirical. Let us not forget The Church itself. Happy readings!

The Editor

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A New Look and Some Bad News

As quick-viewers will see we have our own heading logo up now, and a better color scheme to match it. That's the good news!

I do have some bad news for those fans out there. Last night, around 9:23 P.M., my second hard drive containing my video-editing software stopped running properly. As a result, I can't do any movie releases until I buy a new Hard Drive and get back in business. However, children of the films, there is no need to panic. Absolutely no data was lost, and the first movie to be released is safe and sound. It is entitled "Sacrilicious: The Story of the Flying Spaghetti Monster in America Today" and will be released (read: posted) as soon as I can get the OS on that hard drive up and running.

Hooray for backing up data!

Up and Running

Welcome to the new blog for High Significance Productions! We're a a group of four individuals who simply want to make the world a little bit crazier with our movies. We have two movies in the works right now with possibly more to come after that. We'll have more to say as we continue moving along. Until then, keep on filming!